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NAMOA Discussion Forum

  • Discussion forum to exchange ideas and share information
  • Direct access to proposals, documents, recommendations, etc.
  • Police motorcycle reviews
  • Vast membership base for help when you need it

Member Communication

  • Discuss training issues, safety, equipment and more using NAMOA Blog
  • Post training announcements
  • Receive emails on important training, events, grants, and more!

Pattern Page

  • Download patterns
  • Find new ideas for training

Association Business

  • Meeting minutes
  • Executive Board information
  • General Membership meetings

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Membership Structure
Membership in the Association shall be open to all Law Enforcement officers and agencies. Membership is also open to other individuals or organizations that have demonstrated their support for the goals and objectives of the Association. Members will be designated as Charter Members, Active Members, Retired Members, Associate Members, or Honorary Members.

Association Members are subject to annual dues. Any member of the Association that fails to pay annual dues will be considered inactive and not eligible for any of the rights and privileges of membership.

Active Members $30
Active Members shall be any full-time or Reserve Law Enforcement officer that currently is or has been assigned to Police Motor duties by their agency.

Charter Members $0
Charter Members shall include all Active Members accepted for membership prior to August 24th, 1984. A Charter Member may receive such privileges as the Association may from time to time confer. Upon honorably retiring from Law Enforcement, a Charter Member will be granted free lifetime membership with full privileges in the Association.

Retired Members $20

Retired Members shall include any Active Member, accepted for membership after August 24th, 1984, who has honorably retired from Law Enforcement after having 3 consecutive years of membership in the Association.

Associate Members $30
Associate Members may be active or retired, full-time or reserve Law Enforcement officers who do not meet the qualifications of Active Members, but who display an interest in and support the goals and objectives of the Association.

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