Conference Committee

This is the conference committee contact page.

The conference committee puts a lot of hours and effort into hosting the annual conference.

The 2018 host agency is the Hillsboro Police Department Motor Unit.  Below is the conference committee.


Conference Chair
Sgt. Will Blood (Hillsboro PD)

Conference Co-Chair
Ofcr. Scott Hanley (Hillsboro PD)

Sponsor Liaison
Ofcr. Dan Larkins (Hillsboro PD)

Course Design
Ofcr, Darren Kangas (Hillsboro PD)


The conference committee organizes the entire annual conference.

It begins with agencies proposing they host the annual conference in their city or county.  This proposal is generally done at least two years prior to hosting the conference.  They have already done quite a bit of work in order to make this proposal. It is necessary to find enough pavement to build the courses for the annual conference.  It is also important to find a hotel that can accommodate the riders, their families and the sponsors and vendors which will be onsite.

Once the NAMOA members vote on the proposals, the real work begins.  Most importantly is for the conference committee to begin acquiring sponsors and vendors.  This is a very important aspect because the annual conference comes with expenses.  Generally all of the committee members work on acquiring sponsors, while one committee member will be the sponsor liaison, which works with the sponsors from the time they have committed to supporting the conference to the end of the annual conference.

The conference committee also works on SWAG, such as hats, t-shirts, etc.  They have to schedule portal-potties, fencing, electricity or generators, tents, food, to include lunch, and hospitality suites.  The annual conference banquet takes a lot of coordination.  Generally speaking each position within the committee takes a great deal of commitment.  Aside from working on the committee, these individuals also have to continue to perform their job assignment within their agency.

During the process there are challenges and each committee member feels exhausted.  In the end there is great satisfaction of the accomplishment they have attained.