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The NAMOA Blog is for General announcements and conversation regarding NAMOA as an association, or motor officer discussions.

-Training Classes

Do you have a training class coming up?  Basic motor school, collision investigation basic, collision investigation advanced, or collision reconstruction.  There are a variety of classes that can be posted here.  Even interview classes.  If it affects and pertains to motor officers, let us know and we will post it!  Aside from posting the class here, we will put it on the calendar!

-Training Articles

Training articles are very important to NAMOA members.  NAMOA and NAMOA Sponsors have a variety of experts for various topics.  We encourage you to write training articles to share with the membership!  All articles can be submitted in Word format.  You can include pictures in your articles and we will post them.


Motor officer use a variety of equipment.  Perhaps you have found out how to setup your motorcycle in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Share it with everyone else!  It can address single equipment issues or several equipment issues!  Send it to us in a Word format.  Make sure you include pictures!  Pictures will help tell your story.

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