Police Motorcycle patterns are nothing new to training.  They allow us to practice and train riding the motorcycle in a simulated traffic environment.  Below are some patterns we use in training.We will continue to add patterns.  If you have something for us, email a PDF to


Cardiac – This pattern was introduced at the 2010 NAMOA Conference.  This pattern was designed for riders to use good setup, clutch and throttle with transitions from tight balanced riding to lock left and right turns.

NW Evergreen – This pattern was also introduced at the 2010 NAMOA Conference.  This pattern was designed to challenge the rider in real estate management.  The pattern tightens from the beginning to the end.

Metro Intersection – This pattern was introduced at the 2011 Motor Officer Skills Training/Competition here in Northwest Arkansas.  It is a combination of the Santa Rosa/Intersection, etc.

Cooper – The Cooper is not a new pattern to police motorcycle skills.  However, the original Cooper was designed for the Police Kawasaki 1000.  This Cooper was used at the 2012 NAMOA conference and we adjusted the size for the Harley Davidson, Kawasaki Concours, Honda ST1300, and the BMW.

Maple Leaf Forever – This pattern is challenging and fun. This pattern has been used at previous NAMOA conferences.

Eliminator – There are a couple patterns bearing this name. This pattern is slightly different than “The Eliminator” many agencies use in the Northwest.

Coriolis – This pattern has been around for quite a while.

Pitchfork – This pattern requires the rider to use good transitions and setups to be successful.

Staircase – Another variation of a staircase.  This pattern was designed to be an in & out pattern, however, if you are looking to keep the flow traveling one way, the rider can continue on to another pattern after circling the 3 cones at the top.

Triple Circle – This pattern can be ridden several ways.  Depending on the direction of travel, it can be challenging and fun.

Winged Wheel – Good transitions and setup are critical in this pattern.

Brake and Evade – This is one of many brake and evade type patterns.  The designer provides measurements for HD/BMW/Honda and the Kawasaki 1000.

Cajun Craze – This pattern has been around for quite a while.  Measurements may have to be adjusted for the larger bikes.

The Maze – This pattern was designed to allow all classes of bikes ride, without having a completely separate pattern. HD/BMW/Honda ride the left side and Kawasaki 1000 rides the

2015 NAMOA Conference Patterns – These patterns were drawn on the scale of 1/4″ = 2′.  Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6.