A reminder for caution and care

Earlier this week, one of our RCMP motorcycle officers, Cst. Warren Attwell (Westshore Detachment – Victoria, BC),  was involved in a single vehicle motorcycle crash.  Based on reports I have from another member who works with Cst. Attwell, he was patrolling for impaired drivers along a curved section of roadway at night with no street lighting when he moved right to avoid an oncoming vehicle.  Cst. Attwell’s motorcycle went off-road right and he was pitched from his motorcycle, coming to rest at the bottom of a shallow ravine.  The opposing vehicle did not stop.  In the course of his collision, he lost his radio and had to use his cell phone to call for help.  Initial responders indicate Warren was not totally coherent (it is not known if he lost consciousness or for how long if he did) and he was taken to an area hospital for assessment and treatment and was later released.  He is expected to be off for at least 2 weeks for recovery without serious injury.

Cst. Attwell was wearing a modular helmet at the time of the collision and it sustained damages to its shell and face-shield during impact with small trees and branches (his body broke a smaller tree).  He was also wearing his protective motorcycle riding apparel at the time.

Our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery for Warren.

Now the reminder.  Many of us ride in all types of environments and at different times of the day depending on our focus of enforcement.  At this time of the year, it gets dark a lot sooner and the weather and road conditions may not always be favourable to us.  And we all know we cannot count on the driver of the other vehicle to have our best interests at heart and to look out for us.  Please, be alert and focused on your surroundings.  Ride to your abilities and the conditions of the roadway – do not take any unnecessary risks or chances.  And the most important part of all, wear the protective gear you have been provided with so that you all get to go home at the end of your shift to your loved ones.

Ride safe.  Ride with Pride.


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