2014 Conference Results

2014 Conference Results are in!  This was a great annual conference.  Each year participants compete in various skills competitions at the NAMOA conference.

Skills competitions include;

Proficiency course – The proficiency course is a combination of patterns ridden consecutively for time.  Each conference committee sets the rules for their proficiency course, which means hitting cones could add time to your run or it could disqualify you.  The same goes for a foot down, etc.  Most recently a downed bike has not resulted in a DQ, but rather just added time to a riders score.  The reason for this is because riders have gone down in the street and been able to continue to their call.

Slow race – The slow race is exactly that.  It takes very good balance focus to take as long as you can to get from point A to point B.

Single barrel race – The single barrel event is usually a set of three to four barrels.  Riders have to complete the pattern and cross the start/stop line for time.  This is a very exhilarating course to ride and can result in some very fast times.  It allows motor officers to demonstrate bike control to include threshold braking.

Pairs barrel race – The pairs barrel race is generally the same as the single barrel race.  However, riders must keep a cord attached between their motorcycles.  The goal is to get through the course without the cord coming off either of the motorcycles.  Pairs is a very exciting skill to watch!

Team event – Each year agencies can submit their riders as a team to compete for the team award.  Each year the elements of the team event can change, depending on what the conference committee comes up with.

We have other awards as well, such as the rookie award, the cleanest bike award and of course the dirtiest bike award.

All courses have to be ridden on the bike you use for duty. You cannot ride a motorcycle that has been setup just for competition or drill work.  The awards and times are broken down into classes; Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, and Victory, etc.

2014 Conference Results