NAMOA 2020 Cancelled

NAMOA Members, Vendors, and Supporters:

It is with deep regret I need to inform you the 2020 NAMOA Training Conference will be cancelled.  It goes without saying this is due to the obvious and logical reasons surrounding current world events, and the training conference will not be re-scheduled this year.  We will notify every one of the 2021 dates in a future email, Facebook post, and our web page.  The 2021 training conference is being hosted by RCMP and is slated to be held in or near the Vancouver, British Columbia area of Canada.

In the nearly four decades NAMOA has existed, the cancellation of a training conference has never happened.  With the current health situation affecting the entire global communities it should come as no surprise this is the sole reason for the cancellation.  With payment deadlines looming, the peak hazard time for COVID-19 in Oregon not expected until mid-May, and the CDC recommended restrictions in place for large group gatherings; we were simply left with very little options at this point, without perhaps losing a sizable amount of non-profit funds and impacting refunds with our membership and vendors.

I want to recognize the hard work and leadership the Bend and Redmond Police Departments have displayed over the last 10 months leading up to this conference.  Of all the members who are surely most disappointed, I know it will be Bend and Redmond.  The training experience was certainly slated to be something unique and special to the Central Oregon area.

Moving forward here is what the association has in place for our members, sponsors and vendors:

1) We will offer a Full Refund for any registrations, additional t-shirt purchases, and additional dinner tickets purchased.  Please be patient as our association e-board begins the process of refunding your agencies and/or your personal accounts as this will take us a few weeks to sift through this new process.  
If you had a training coordinator or someone other than yourself pay these fees, please relay this message and again please give us a couple of weeks to work through this process with 123 sign up.  If you paid by check; our NAMOA treasurer will either send your original check back to you, or issue you a check from the NAMOA account.  
2) Hotel Room Cancellations:  Please take care of this ASAP.  Please call the guest service agent at the hotel for which you have booked.

Hampton Inn – 541-388-3000 extension 0

Hilton Garden Inn – 541-617-6111 extension 0

NOTE:  This room rate was strictly made for the NAMOA 2020 conference; and if you had plans to keep the room reservation for a visit to Bend during this time frame,unfortunately you will not be able to use the NAMOA discounted rate and will need to re-book your room at the standard hotel rate.  

3) There will be no challenge coins, t-shirts, or hats created for the 2020 conference, as these are all expenses which require registration fees in order to process year to year.  

I want to thank our committed vendors and sponsors for your intent to support this year’s training conference and we hope to see you at the 2021 conference next year.  We say it often, and I’ll say it again…..Without your support we wouldn’t be able to host such a successful conference each year; and we certainly would not be where we are today as an association who provides such a unique 3 day training conference for our members year to year.  

Since we will not be able to have a general membership meeting this year, all NAMOA executive board positions will be frozen.  In the event we have an e-board member who chooses to vacate their position this year, the vacated position will remain vacant until the next general membership meeting in 2021 (Vancouver BC, Canada) when the membership can gather and decide collectively on these new board members.

Lastly, I want to share some thoughts.  Globally I hope we are living in another “once in a life time” experience.  While some might feel the COVID-19 pandemic is not as severe as being purported, the fact is our communities are on edge because of these current events.  It’s time to step forward and make the investment to help reciprocate the feelings of support we receive from the majority our communities; and perhaps change the perceptions with the small judgmental portion of our communities with the compassionate work we do as law enforcement daily.  We all serve with pride, honor, and professionalism.  Find the grey area where appropriate during the next few weeks to help ease the angst and discomfort most are feeling; and I can’t help but to think this will pay dividends when the world comes back to some sort of normalcy.  People are going to be looking up to us for support and guidance.  Don’t pass on these opportunities; and show why the thin blue line will always be caring and compassionate, especially during the toughest of times.  

Be kind, be patient, be willing to support one another and the members of your community.  Most importantly, take care of yourselves and your families.  Find the balance in this chaos.  

Ride safe and Enjoy the day!

Sgt. Bret Barnum

NAMOA President