NAMOA Conference Starts Next Week

NAMOA Members, Vendors, and Supporters:

We are a few days from the 2019 NAMOA Training Conference in Eugene, Oregon. Your conference committee from the EPD Motor Unit has been putting the final touches on the conference in order for us all to have a successful training experience and meet new colleagues.

A few final mentionable items:

1). No trailer parking will be allowed at the Marriott, or 
alternate hotels you may have booked. ALL trailers must be parked at the Valley River Inn trailer parking area. If you’re staying at an alternate hotel this will not eliminate your ability to attend the conference banquet on Friday night; however you will need to be a registered NAMOA guest or participant.

2). Remember the conference begins on Wednesday, May 15 and will continue daily through Friday, May 17; at which time the member banquet will be held at the end of the day Friday. Rider check in will begin on Tuesday, May 14 anytime 
between 2 and 5 pm, and will resume early Wednesday 
morning prior to the rider briefing and opening ceremony.

3). IMPORTANT: The EPD conference committee has asked that at least one person from each agency, or sponsoring business vendor bring a Challenge Coin to the conference. Please provide your coin to Sgt. Shawn Marsh (EPD). A very cool prize will be raffled off which will include the coins which are brought. This will certainly be a very unique and amazing prize if everyone participates.

4). Lastly I am super excited to announce Bend PD has been in contact with the E Board, and has offered to make a 
presentation at the general membership meeting for hosting the 2020 NAMOA Training Conference. We will also 
encourage other agencies who may be interested in hosting 2020 or even 2021 to bring some presentation material for the general meeting. Having locations secured 18 months in 
advanced or better certainly makes planning and attendance increase as our members and vendors can map out their 
future schedules.

Safe Travels to Eugene in a couple of weeks. On behalf of your E Board we are all excited to see you soon, and take part in this years conference.

Be well and Enjoy the day!

Sgt. Bret Barnum
NAMOA President