Update on Vancouver Motor Officer Shot

This is an Update on Vancouver Motor Officer who was shot on a traffic stop.

On Monday, June 30, 2014 in the mid-morning hours; City of Vancouver Washington motor officer Dustin Goudschall conducted a traffic stop for a violation on a vehicle with two occupants. As Dustin called out the traffic stop he radioed his location and license plate to his dispatcher. Dustin dismounted his motor and began the approach to the suspect vehicle. Just moments after his approach to the vehicle, dispatch began radioing to Dustin the plates he radioed in were stolen.

At this same time the driver of the vehicle leaned out the driver’s side of the vehicle and began firing rounds from a pistol at Dustin. Dustin immediately returned fire and addressed the threat. After a short exchange of gun fire the driver and his passenger drove away, and Dustin has been hit by at least 7 rounds from the suspects pistol. Two
rounds struck Dustin in the face/neck area, two rounds in his upper left arm, one round in his leg and two rounds to his chest. The two rounds to his chest were stopped by his ballistic vest.

Citizens in the area who witnessed the event came to the aid of Dustin as well as followed the suspect vehicle. Even after being shot 7 times Dustin stayed engaged in the incident and provided critical information to responding units which later proved to be valuable in capturing the two suspects a short time later.

Dustin was released today from the hospital, which is simply amazing after being involved in this type of incident just 48 hours prior.  Dustin and his wife were taken to an undisclosed location by fellow NAMOA members. VPD Motor Sergeant Patrick Johns – “PJ”, and members from his department have taken care phenomenal care of their wounded brother; but any all support for Dusitn, his wife, and PJ would be greatly appreciated by other fellow NAMOA bothers and sisters.

Needless to say this traumatic incident will take time to heal. Understandably Dustin is exhausted and needs his rest and time with family; but I can say after spending some brief time with Dustin today he will be a WARRIOR and prevail in all aspects of this incident.

Please keep Dustin in your thoughts and prayers as he begins the road to recovery.


Please be safe and take care of each other.

Bret Barnum – NAMOA VP Oregon
Portland Police Bureau